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Publishers and their delivery service providers are strongly client-oriented to meet the requirements of the specific recipients. Changes to scope and to the order structure have to constantly be compensated. Flexible solutions in technology and IT is the key to success for this branch.
Our approach to support you:

  • High scalability of logistics solutions
  • Individualisation of processes
  • Usage of IT structures adapted to demands
  • Transparency in processing and charging sets



We offer consulting competency in the following areas:

Supply Chain Strategy | Process optimisation | General Planning | Planning | IT Consultancy | Project Management | Production | ErgonomicsInventory Mgmt | Outsourcing

Supply Chain Analysis

The media branch has been affected by a far-reaching change in structure (decline in sales of books, CDs and DVDs); this has led to increased competition. Designing efficient logistics for the company and equipping it to face further changes is the foundation for successful market presence.
The inspection and optimisation of the supply chains from the supplier to the client is largely decided based on competitive advantages.


Logistics Strategy

Logistics strategy serves to implement corporate strategy and is thus a vital condition for the company's success.

We support our clients to answer the following strategic questions:

How is trade in the field of media developing ?
What sales channels are crucial to enter the market ?
What new technologies will dominate the market ?

Together with you, we define the future framework of your logistics. We define the current state and determine the goals to support your success even in 20 years.

This also and particularly means strategically defining your logistics network.

You can proactively design your future with our workshops!


Distribution Networks

How close should logistics be to stores? How often should they be delivered?

The media business is international. The publishing is generally oriented according to language barriers, but the distribution of products is nevertheless vitally important.

Defining a transport network is a complex process in which many factors play a role. These include transport costs, location-related factors and also high demands for ecologically sound logistics.


IT Consultancy for ERP and Logistics Systems

Systems in the field of publishing are strongly oriented towards sales. Support of more complex logistics operations are currently seldom found.

System solutions for a transparent supply chain, from procurement until on-time delivery, go without saying for us.
Our services for you are:

  • Support with selection and implementation of ERP systems:
    Selecting the right ERP for your company is defined by your processes and their adequate representation in a system. Decision preparation and selection of a suitable system form the basis of the whole project and is the key to success or failure.
    We prepare detailed invitations for tenders so that you can find the right IT partner, and we lead you through the contract-allocation process. We support you with our know-how even during the implementation phase.
  • Support with selection and implementation of logistics systems:
    The right system for your logistics is defined by your processes, the resulting demands and the optimal interplay of standard software and individual settings. We support you during execution of these demands from defined processes, from implementation right up to usage.

    We prepare detailed requirements specifications for warehouse management, material flow control as well as sub-systems such as Pick by Light and Pick by Voice. We lead you through the contract-allocation process and support you during implementation and commissioning, test preparation and execution, organisational changes and training.



Outsourcing of logistics services in publishing is always sensible when the following conditions are available:

The processing volume is manageable

  • The fixed costs are disproportional
  • Synergies result
  • Covering specific delivery processes is not part of a core skill
  • Processes are stable

Due to our experience with such projects in several branchen, we have gained extensive know-how in order to compare the economic advantages with any eventual risks in every new project.
We help you create the conditions for a successful outsourcing project and support you during transition. Whether it is realising a complete distribution centre or optimising the delivery process, IWL is the right partner for you.