Are your logistics processes fundamental to the success of your company? These then cannot be forced into a standard form without losing on quality and service.

We realise logistics centre for such companies, custom-made for the heart of your supply chain. We support you from the planning stage until usage of your new logistics centre.

Planning always begins with optimising your specific processes. The people that make this possible are the main focus.

For this, we develop technical solutions, IT concepts and buildings. Optimal energy usage has high priority.

Our project management ensures a problem-free execution and transparent information on the realisation of your goals.

IWL general planning covers all areas to create the perfect custom design for you:

  • Planning of storage and transport systems
  • Architecture and structural design
  • Energy optimisation and building-services planning
  • Conception, selection, testing and commissioning of logistics systems
  • Supervision of realisation
  • Project controlling