Logo1The company Casamoda with its brands CASAMODA and Venti is with about 4 million units of sold shirts one of the best-known labels in Germany.

The products are distributed in 30 stores and 470 shops in shop. Casamoda delivers its products to 3,000 domestic and foreign dealers. In addition, all articles can be ordered online.

Casamoda manufactures the shirts at two locations – in Macedonia and Romania.
Steady growth and increasing demands on the logistics brought the capacity of the existing storage to its limit. 

The Concept


In 2011, IWL was commissioned to design an automatic flat-goods warehouse.

In 2012 it was decided that an automatic carton warehouse with downstream hanging-goods sorter should be realized.

A new building had to be planned for the automatic carton warehouse.
All workplaces and the hanging-goods sorter are integrated into the existing warehouse.
Both buildings are connected via a 30m long bridge.

Full operation started in January 2014.

The Solution

Conveyor Technology
Hanging Sorter
Loading Stations / Picking Stations

The incoming goods are handled in the existing goods-in area. The cartons are placed directly on the conveyor system, then registered automatically and transported via a conveyor line to the automatic carton warehouse.

The new warehouse consists of 10 storage aisles with 10 stacker cranes.

It has a total length of 70m and a width of 47m.
The clear height is 12.5m. The shelf capacity is 110,000 cartons.

The maximum performance of the stacker cranes is 1,500 double cycles per hour.

7 picking-workstations were installed for the assignment of the goods into the pouch sorter.

The picking stations are located on a platform and connected to a carton
conveyor system with the automatic miniload warehouse.

All empty cartons - resulting from the picking - are transported via a conveyor line to the 10 packing stations on the ground floor and reused as shipping cartons.

At the packing station, the parts are removed from the hanging sorter and packed into cartons for shipping.

For any post-processing of the goods, there are 4 additional value-added service working stations, which are located between the packing and shipping area.

In the shipping area, the cartons are either loaded directly onto the dock leveller or discharged onto 6 shipping lanes. In addition, cartons ready for dispatch can be stored again in the small parts warehouse and retrieved for a specific shipping date.

With the introduction of the new storage technology, a new warehouse management system was established at Casamoda. The WMS controls all processes from the automatic goods-in regis-tration till the loading of the goods and the preparation for shipping. 

New automatic miniload warehouse
-  3300m²
- 10 lanes
- Capacity of 110,000 cartons of flat goods
- Double-depth carton storage places
- Handling up to 5000 parts/hour
- 12,000 pouch sorter
- Up to 4000 parts in the dynamic buffer

Existing warehouse
- Area 5,500m²
- Installation of the new automated functional areas goods-in, picking, packaging, vas and shipping
- Shelf storage for special products and batch storage



A bridge connects the existing and the new warehouse

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Services of IWL
- Analysis of the basic data and the material flows
- Concept of storage and picking technology
- Dimensioning of the shelf capacity and building size for the automatic carton warehouse
- Definition of requirements for the structural solution
- Evaluation of variants in terms of the investment and operating costs
- Preparation of tendering documents
- Creation of functional specifications
- Guidance of the negotiations
- Assistance in the selection of construction companies
- Project Management
- Creation of plans and implementation
- Approval of facilities and software 


Wurst Stahlbau GmbH
Sandstraße 41
49593 Bersenbrück

- Constructional work of the automatic small parts warehouse
- Bridge
- Open Space


Dürkopp Fördertechnik GmbH
Potsdamer Str. 190
33719 Bielefeld

- Hanging-goods Sorter
- Warehouse Management System


Minimax GmbH & Co. KG
Industriestraße 10/12
23840 Bad Oldesloe

- Sprinkler
- Fire Detection System

Logo TGW-Corporate    

TGW Logistics Group GmbH
Collmannstraße 2
A-4600 Wels

- Stacker Crane
- Container Conveyor Technology


NEDCON Lagertechnik GmbH
Dinxperloer Straße 18-20
46399 Bocholt

- Stage Construction
- Shelf for automatic small parts warehouse


Eismann Haustechnik GmbH
Rohdenweg 44
26135 Oldenburg

- Electrical Systems