Klinikum StuttgartThe clinical centre Klinikum Stuttgart is composed of the four urban hospitals:

  • Bürgerhospital
  • Katharinenhospital
  • Krankenhaus Bad Cannstatt
  • Olgahospital

With more than 50 clinics and institutes, organized in 11 medical centres, the hospital is one of Germany´s largest modern hospitals.

On average, the hospital has a patient load per year of 400,000 outpatients and 84,000 inpatients.

IWL developed the supply strategies, the design and the specification of a logistics centre for four hospitals of the medical centre in 2011.


  • Definition of product groups which needed to be reorganized (laundry, kitchen, pharmacy, medical and general products)
  • Article cleanup / unification, representation of the resulting structure of the suppliers
  • Clarification of the supply requirements per clinic or per station (stocks location / Kanban / Just-in-time delivery (such as cytostatics))
  • Definition of the interface between nursing and logistics
  • Process definition and clarification of the logistical requirements
  • Make-or-buy: preparation of specifications

Other projects

  • Definition of the transport concept and implementation of a tender to select a service provider
  • Creation of an internal supply plan for interfaces between the stations and the central functional areas
  • Potential analysis at central warehouse regarding the expansion of the kitchen
  • Planning of a consolidation of transport volumes of pharmacies / suppliers