AstraZeneca GmbH

astra_zenecaAstraZeneca GmbH manufactures and distributes pharmaceutical products in Plankstadt.


The site contains the following functional units:

  • Active-component cleaning
  • Tablet manufacture
  • Packaging
  • Logistics
Export markets are primarily distributed from Plankstadt, German clients are supplied from the partner factory in Wedel.

The project

Loading area after modification
Loading area after modification
Loading area after modification
Loading area after modification
Zone concept
Zone concept
IWL AG has supported the company in logistics matters as well as strategic site development since 1996. As part of a concept study in 1996, the possibilities of future site development were discussed.

The loading truck zone was modified based on changed demands in 1999. Six loading docks were added. The functional areas goods-receipt and dispatch were separated as per GMP / FDA requirements.  In 2002, possible site options to expand packaging were analysed and evaluated

The decision was made to structurally expand the existing logistics functions. Apart from the direct functional areas for packaging, the routes for material flow and personnel were defined anew due to GMP requirements in the "Zone concept" project. A flexible facility allocation and efficient manpower usage are guaranteed thanks to the proximity between the existing and new packaging.

By using pallet conveyors and gate controls for transfer of articles, the warehouse functions (axis 8) are consequently separated from the production areas (axis 10). The zone concept was implemented in 2005 and successfully operated.

Along with expansion of packaging, demands on logistics at the site continually rose. Strategic measures like just-in-time delivery for packaging material, usage of external logistics areas and optimisation of existing conveyor systems were exhausted. Options of expanding storage and dispatch were already developed in 2003 and the constructional feasibility discussed with the authorities.

The concept comprised of a highbay warehouse with a direct connection to existing production and logistics functions. The expansion of dispatch areas on two levels can fulfil future demands from new markets. This was executed in 2006 and commissioned in early 2007.