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New warehouse or expansion?

Many companies who want to expand their business, are faced with this question.

A study with pros and cons can help to make a well funded decision: As in the case Otto Ganter GmbH & Co. KG.

IWL was entrusted with the future-oriented planning of the service and dispatch center (the central logistics hub).


Otto Ganter GmbH & Co. KG

1894 Otto Ganter was founded as a work shop. Situated in the black forest the family-operated company has been manufacturing standard parts for now more than 100 years making it the largest provider of standard parts world wide. Their product range includes parts made of steel, stainless steel, aluminium and plastic.

The project

Two years ago the company decided to enlarge its shipping and service center to enable further growth.
The main challenge was to expand the existing and well-functioning logistics in consideration of the geographical limits of the site.

New processes have to be embed into the existing material flow and to develop a future-oriented logistics concept for the next 10 years.

The planing also enables further expansions, allows future logistics changes and is the answer to specific requirements for the storage capacity of new products.

The manufacturer stored and processed more than 125,000 items at its  headquarters. The company is planning to expand further markets and its product range within the next years.
But the existing site is too small for further growth.
Ganter therefore commissioned IWL with the drafting of a new location concept and the arrangement of the implementation.

After the evaluation of several variants it became clear that the multistage expansion oft he headquater is the optimal solution for Ganter. The solution was convincing – the storage was beeing build.
In the past year, we have advised Ganter in the concept phase, the detailed planning, the service specifications and currently in the expansion of the production and the assembly.
To increase the storage capacity, Ganter was building an additional pallet warehouse which is adjacent to the existing building.

On about 1,100 m² 6,000 storage bins are available.
The storage capacity can be doubled at a later time.
The construction work were carried out during everyday operation.

We are looking forward to the challenges ahead to prepare Otto Ganter for the future.


Customer Feedback

Bild bereitgestellt von Ralf BeitlichRalf Beitlich,
Head of logistics departement
Otto Ganter GmbH & Co. KG

We choose IWL because of their outstanding knowledge and experience in logistics. Furthermore, we obtained the concept development and project planning from a single source. Particularly positive was the good and trustful cooperation during the entire project.

Source: Mr. Beitlich, Otto Ganter GmbH & Co. KG