Kramp GmbH

Kramp GmbH has presented itself to the world since early 2009 with the slogan
to show what it stands for.

The new concern management set the course for a Europe-wide expansion with this slogan.

The long-planned, and now realised, merging of the three sites Bayreuth, Hamminkeln and Torgau in the new logistics centre in Bamberg (North Bavaria) was the first step to expand the performance of the company all over Europe.


Loading area
Loading area

The logistics company Kramp has over 150,000 articles from the agricultural-machine field, and can supply clients throughout Europe with an extensive trade programme.

All orders recorded up to 18:00 by telephone, fax, internet or professional adviser are checked by experts and are released to be processed. The completed orders reach the clients by overnight express.

The logistics center in Strullendorf has state-of-the-art technology and ensures an optimal material management.


Platform shelf storage with tote- conveyor system
Platform shelf storage with tote- conveyor system

IWL AG worked together with Ten Brinke Industriebauten to design a general development plan in several levels for the site in Strullendorf with around 80,000 m² area.

The first construction level included administrative buildings, the building-services centre, a 17-meter high building complex, loading area, parking spaces as well as the cold hall in the external area. Kramp employed Ten Brinke as the general contractor for the execution phase.
IWL AG was authorised to plan the logistics area, pallet-rack systems, suitable industrial trucks, the tote-conveyor system as well as the Warehouse Management System (WMS). Together with the project members from Kramp Deutschladn, the concepts, layouts and requirements specifications were developed for all areas.

The facility can send deliveries to customers overnight since March 2009.


Highbay warehouse with order-picker
Highbay warehouse with order-picker

Object data

  • Goods receipt
  • Goods out

3000 m²
4000 m²

Logistics data (static)  
  • Highbay pallet warehouse
  • Small-parts area
  • Small parts Super A
  • Bulky goods
  • Dangerous goods
  • Toys
  • Long goods

20,000 spaces
180,000 spaces
1000 spaces
5000 spaces
1700 spaces
1400 spaces
5000 spaces

Tote-conveyor system  
  • Performance

1200 totes / hour

Order picking  
  • Performance

25,000 positions / day


Behälterfördertechnik im Fachbereich 1. OG
Tote-system in shelf storage 1st floor
Toys storage with shelves on pallets
Toys storage with shelves on palletsn
Storage of long goods
Storage of long goods
Storage of chains
Storage of chains

Goods receipt
Delivered goods are unloaded from the trucks, packages are checked, compared against orders and receive a goods-receipt number (barcode) for easier article identification.

The articles are intermediately buffered by article and order position until the final goods collection.

Platform shelf storage
Small articles are packed in totes (600 x 400 mm), transported by the conveyor system (Gebhardt Fördertechnik) to the first floor to the platform shelf storage (Nedcon) in three levels and manually stored there. The space-allocated storage is carried out with the help of mobile terminals.

Small parts delivered on pallets are stored in large quantities as Super A articles in pallet racks opposite the shelf-storage racks.

Order picking occurs from both sides of the shelf-storage and pallet-rack levels directly into shipping totes that are then placed onto the conveyor system. The totes are sent to the next picking area or to the packing area in dispatch.

Highbay warehouse
The 60-meter long and 17-meter high facility for VNA trucks was delivered by Nedcon. Articles with high weight or with dimensions suitable for pallet storage were stored here.

Articles with low quantities are stored on special shelves attached on to pallets. Storage, retrieval and picking is done using terminals on VNA trucks from Still. On the other side of the main aisle, Super A articles are stored in shelves for which the same VNA trucks are used. The five lower levels are reserved for specific functions.

Dangerous-goods warehouse
Due to fire-protection requirements, articles in the dangerous-goods warehouse are stored under conditions of foam-added sprinkler system, minimum air exchange and quench-water retention. Storage and retrieval are done manually.
The storage area also has a fire-protection door and its own monitoring system.

Toys warehouse
The agricultural-machine sector has tractors, trailers and special machines in miniature form and even as child-friendly plastic vehicles to be used and played with. These plastic articles are subject to the same requirements as in the dangerous-goods warehouse.

The platform level is above the 5-meter high pallet rack. Pallets with large quantities can be directly stored. Manual industrial trucks from Still are used in the whole area.

Bulky-goods warehouse
The warehouse for bulky goods was planned for article groups that cannot be stored in shelves or pallet racks. This particularly includes bar stocks and chains. Special separation tools are used in this area. 
This area is also used to store wheelbarrows, tools for use in winter, large machine generators and axles.

Work in this area is manual so that trucks can be used for loading and unloading for these long and bulky goods.

Workshop and sales
Articles can be prepared individually for the client in the workshop. A counter is available for those who pick up articles by themselves.

Client orders are compiled into delivery orders in the WMS supplied by S & P based on consideration of receivers and truck-departure times. Based on departure times, the orders are separated for the platform-shelf storage and remaining areas before picking commences.

The platform-shelf storage is supplied with empty reusable totes for picking in the 27 pick zones. Picking can be done for up to three parallel orders by using mobile termins. The totes are transported via the conveyor system to the respective pick zones.

Printing of shipping labels and repacking of single-use totes are carried out at the packing stations.

IT systems
The WMS is subordinate to the ERP system. Operative logistics (order checking, goods-receipt, delivery-order generation, picking, shipping and loading) is managed in Strullendorf by the installed WMS SuPCIS-L8.

Apart from inventory management, all processes and special requirements (e.g. processing of returns, workshop processing, etc.) are taken care of by the WMS.

Benefit and potential

Package stations and order consolidation on the ground floor
Package stations and order consolidation on the ground floor
Packing department in dispatch are
Packing department in dispatch are


  • Compilation of the three existing warehouse locations in Bayreuth, Hamminkeln and Torgau into a central DC to
    deliver all agricultural machines and motor devices
  • Usage of synergy effects in delivers thanks to the new logistics structure
  • Inventory reductino through central storage
  • Reduced throughput times through efficient process design
  • Efficient order picking through article provision based on handling level and local provision of picking aids
  • Reduction of errors by using modern picking technology
  • Transparency by using IT systems in the warehouse 


  • Wider and deeper sortiment at the new location
  • Possibility to expand the sortiment in the coming years
  • Higher and more individual advice through:
    - Concentration of sales and administration at one central location 
    - Creation of regional teams for backoffice sales

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