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bettenweltBettenwelt GmbH & Co. KG –
one of the largest logistics service providers in the furniture industry

daenisches_bettenlagerThis company has been the logistics service provider for Dänisches Bettenlager since 1997. Around 600 outlets in the whole of Germany and Austria are delivered from two modern logistics centres in Zarrentin (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) and Homberg/Efze (Hesse). Delivery vehicles cover an annual distance of around five million kilometers. Another major client of Bettenwelt is the Scandinavian JYSK Group that has hundreds of branches in Europe and North America.

The company

Bettenwelt GmbH & Co. KGThe 260 employees at the different locations not only ensure that articles from all over the world are sent to customers via the logistics centres. They also process imported wholesale goods into individually packed sortiment articles for retail sellers. Precise scheduling plays an important role in deliveries since many major customers in Germany work "just in time". The location in Homberg was inagurated in 1998/1999 with the building of the first highbay warehouse.

The third section, a hall for lawn furniture, with over 16,000 m² storage space was realised in 2003. The company has one of the largest highbay warehouses in Europe after commissioning in early 2005, thereby being equipped to deal with expansion of its clients. Around 120 people are employed in Homberg today. The company Bettenwelt is expected to supply a number of well-known major clients as well as around 900 outlets of Dänisches Bettenlager by 2008.

Bettenwelt is owned by the Danish businessmann Lars Larsel who made a successful entry into the furniture industry in 1979 and is now owner of a giant furniture empire with more than 1000 branches in the whole of Europe and North America.

The Solution

Bettenwelt GmbH & Co. KG
Bettenwelt GmbH & Co. KG
Bettenwelt GmbH & Co. KG
Bettenwelt GmbH & Co. KG

The warehouse
Storage of goods is essentially in the following areas

  • Highbay warehouse
  • Pallet racks with industrial trucks
  • Block-storage areas
  • Lawn-furniture hall

This solution was developed through the close cooperation of Bettenwelt and IWL AG as general planner.

In view of the special product demands, a new storage concept was developed. Apart from classical Euro pallets, a large number of articles are stored on walkable carriers delivered by GEBHARDT Transport und Lagersysteme GmbH. The carriers have a maximum area of 2.10 x 1.35 m and a maximum height of 2.20 m. A large number has a mesh construction with doors. The highbay warehouse was planned based on these carriers and can mostly store the carriers double deep. 22 stacker cranes by MLOG (formerly MAN Logistics GmbH) are in operation in the 22 aisles with about 88,000 pallet spaces. 660 carriers can be stored and retrieved per hour.

voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik GmbH used 5300 tonnes of steel and 31,200 m² of wall panelling to build the highbay warehouse. Due to its size (165 m wide, 110 m long and 34 m high), the warehouse had to be divided into two fire sections. This could be realised with minimum space and minimum costs using around 7500 m² of a new type of fire-protection panel. Another important part of fire protection was the modern sprinkler system delivered by Calanbau Brandschutzanlagen GmbH.

Material flow
All logistics functions are centrally controlled by a Warehouse Management System from Siemens AG. The storage compartments are already reserved when the truck arrives. The workers receive information on their mobile terminals during storage and picking to select the right carrier. Transport within the functional areas occurs through an integrated stacker-guidance system. A pallet-conveyor system delivered by LIPPERT connects the important areas such as goods-receipt, highbay warehouse, order picking, block storage in the 1st and 2nd floor and shipping. 14 km of conveyor chains, 1000 motors, 1500 light sensors, 900 light barriers and initiators, 7 vertical conveyor, 6 shifting cars and 18 fire-protection doors were installed.

Storage took place largely in the ground floor and is thus separated from order picking in the 1st and 2nd floors. The picking area in the 1st floor is separated into 6 segments that have been planned for every order run by the WMS. Flexible, efficient and worker-friendly processing of orders is thus guaranteed.Every picking segment is supplied by a double-capacity shifting car. Nearly 100 carriers can be provided at the 12-14 picking stations of a segment per hour. The orders are picked directly into the dispatch carriers. Goods from different storage areas can be added at the picking station. Article are classified into different categories to prevent any damage - the WMS ensures the correct sequence of articles on the dispatch carrier. The shipping carriers are sorted in the shipping area according to tours, optimised and loaded.


Site: 117,920 m²            
Constructed area: 64,226 m²            
Constructed volume: 1,102,297 m³            
Floor area: 79,985 m²            
Pallet spaces: 131.000            
Existing facility              
Site area: 19,606 m²            
Constructed volume: 231,876 m³            
Lawn-furniture storage:           Admin./Social rooms (new)  
Area: 8444 m²         Area: 960 m²
Floor area: ca. 16,500 m²         Floor area: ca. 2300 m²
Constructed volume: 81,408 m³         Constructed volume: 8729 m³
Length 109 m            
Width 77 m            
Functional areas (new)           Highbay warehouse (new)  
Area: 10,502 m²         Area: 18,340 m²
Floor area: ca. 26,000 m²         Constructed volume: 636.406 m³
Constructed volume: 143,877 m³         Length 110 m
Length 173 m         Width 165 m
Width 48 m         Height 34 m
Loading docks: 42         Stacker cranes (1 per aisle) 22
Pallet-conveyor  total length ca. 2500 m         Pallet spaces ca. 88,000

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