Müller Ltd. & Co. KG

Neubau Logistikzentrum Müller Ltd. & Co. KG

Our client, the retail chain Müller Ltd. & Co. KG, employs more than 31,000 employees and operates more than 700 stores in Germany and Europe.

The drugstore chain is the largest employer in Ulm. Therefore, it is very important for us, to support our customer for the future challenges.

To ensure this, we supported the construction of the site Müller "Ulm North" from 2008 to 2011.

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The project

Müller was operating several satellite warehouses in close proximity to the central warehouse in which a defined sortiment was stored, which was picked branch-specific.

This logistics strategy, however, could no longer cope with the growth of Müller and we analyzed in close cooperation several variants with the aim, to increasMueller2e efficiency and to make a better use of the existing infrastructur. The best solution was to add a new building-complex to the logistic structure

Starting signal were the strategic planning of the logistics center in 2008. In March 2009 the construction of a semi-automated warehouse for selected product lines started at the company´s site.

The new 30,000 m² large logistics center is divided into three sections: an automatic container storage, a pallet warehouse and a palette stock warehouse with a silo construction.
The stock warehouse has four-aisles and is around 35 m high. It has a capacity of 12,000 Euro-pallets for a contemporary storage of full palettes.

Furthermore, a semi-automated storage area for order picking from containers as well as from pallets was installed. All storage areas have a uniform height of about 35m.
Shipping and receiving are placed into a low-rise building.

The logistical „main artery“ is an electric monorail system, which is linking receiving, storage, picking and dispatch areas. The system transports both pallets and shipping containers, so-called Dollies.

The picking of the store orders ensued by a maximum of six working levels. At the moment, the uppermost area has a height of around 17m. All areas have a total of 40,000 stacking places for different articles.

Since the stockpiled products are delivered during the season, in contrast to the standard range – toys primarily for the Christmas season from September and stationery mainly to school starting in summer – the time was a major challenge of the project. A part of the new building was used for the Christmas season in 2010.In March 2011 the operation of the whole building started.

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