bettenweltBettenwelt GmbH & Co. KG –
one of the largest logistics service providers in the furniture industry

daenisches_bettenlagerThis company has been the logistics service provider for Dänisches Bettenlager since 1997. Around 600 outlets in the whole of Germany and Austria are delivered from two modern logistics centres in Zarrentin (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) and Homberg/Efze (Hesse). Delivery vehicles cover an annual distance of around five million kilometers. Another major client of Bettenwelt is the Scandinavian JYSK Group that has hundreds of branches in Europe and North America.


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The company

Bettenwelt GmbH & Co. KGThe 260 employees at the different locations not only ensure that articles from all over the world are sent to customers via the logistics centres. They also process imported wholesale goods into individually packed sortiment articles for retail sellers. Precise scheduling plays an important role in deliveries since many major customers in Germany work "just in time". 

The third section, a hall for lawn furniture, with over 16,000 m² storage space was realised in 2003. The company has one of the largest highbay warehouses in Europe after commissioning in early 2005, thereby being equipped to deal with expansion of its clients. Around 120 people are employed in Homberg today. The company Bettenwelt is expected to supply a number of well-known major clients as well as around 900 outlets of Dänisches Bettenlager by 2008.

Bettenwelt is owned by the Danish businessmann Lars Larsel who made a successful entry into the furniture industry in 1979 and is now owner of a giant furniture empire with more than 1000 branches in the whole of Europe and North.