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eonE.ON Netz was formed by the fusion of PreussenElektra Netz and Bayernwerk Netz. These two companies had already attained a high level in planning, maintenance and servicing of power grids. The merger enabled concentration of competences and usage of additional syergies.

More than 20 million people, many large and small industries and countless businesses between Scandinavia and Austria depend on round-the-clock electricity from E.ON. Calculations of load flow and  network safety as well as short-term electricity demand forecasts have to be prepared. The network management needs an overview of the entire running operations in the power stations and grids. This takes place in the central control stations in Lehrte for the North and Karlsfeld for the South as well as in 10 decentrally stationed group control stations.


E.ON Netz GmbH
After goods receiving, the stocks are taken over into the SAP R/3 system. All materials and their respective storage locations are managed here. All warehouse-internal material movements are controlled and managed by a Warehouse Control System (WCS) subservient to SAP R/3.
Mobile Terminals (MT) show the workers the storage area and compartment at which the goods are to be stored. The terminals are used in the highbay warehouse as well as in the random-storage warehouse.

Storage is confirmed by scanning the storage-compartment label (barcode) with the scanner at the MT.

Orders are send from SAP R/3 to the WCS to be processed. Guidance of the workers through the mobile terminals as well as a systematic and optimised order processing is thus guaranteed. Route optimisation is used for the single-level as well as double-level picking. All articles and the corresponding order positions are controlled by the WCS until they leave through goods out.

Once the articles leave the central warehouse, the confirmation of completed orders is sent to SAP R/3.

The Solution

E.ON Netz GmbH
The central warehouse in Dachau is divided into six different storage and functional areas making up 27,000 m² in which 41 people are currently employed. The 15-meter high highbay, rack-supported warehouse has seven aisles and a capacity of 4420 pallets and 1386 shelf storage compartments.

The highbay warehouse has an interior height of 14 m. Storage and picking take place in an area with the help of three VNA trucks using the principle man-to-goods.
The aisles are supervised by laser scanners on the VNA trucks.

The ground floor of the double-storeyed functional building includes goods receiving, packing areas as well as the marshalling areas for goods out.

Up to 600 different articles can be stored in each of the four Paternoster warehouses. Cantilever racks allow storage of long goods.

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