EVO Energieversorung Oberfranken

The companies EVO Energieversorgung Oberfranken (EVO) and Überlandwerk Unterfranken (ÜWU), subsidiaries of Bayernwerk AG,  decided in 1997 to expand and collectively use the existing EVO warehouse in Bamberg.

This central warehouse in Bamberg had to fulfil the following requirements:

  • Storage of the complete EVO and ÜWU stocks.
  • Supply of construction sites and stationary facilities of EVO and ÜWU.
  • 24-hour delivery service in case of breakdowns.
  • EVO becomes a service provider for third parties thanks to the central warehouse.
  • The warehouse is planned in such a way that synergies can be used to optimise costs with reference to inventory management, personnel demand, building and general costs.


The Concept

Shelf storage
Shelf storage

The concept of operating a central warehouse in Bamberg requires the integration of existing and new warehouse areas. The existing main building with a basement and ground floor was integrated into the complete concept. This was adapted to the changed demands by equipping with new racks and transport systems. To manage the higher storage capacity required, the warehouse was extended by a highbay warehouse. The newly implemented WMS (SAP R3) manages all storage areas flexibly, controls the correct distribution of articles to their locations and manages daily-business orders. By using mobile terminals connected to SAP R3 via a process computer, access to goods is paperless and time-saving.


Mobile terminal; scanning with barcode
Mobile terminal; scanning with barcode

The EVO central warehouse combines several warehouse areas that have been adapted to store articles with different dimensions.

Rack-supported highbay warehouse
Storage on Euro pallets, skeleton-box pallets and pallets with shelves;

  • Capacity: 5 aisles; 1750 pallets
  • Usage of rail-guided VNA trucks
  • Direct connection to the existing building
  • Extension of further aisles possible

Small-parts storage in shelves: 3860 shelves
Small-parts storage in rotary racks: 1250 compartments
Long-goods storage in cantilever racks: 100 storage compartments
Block warehouse for large goods: 2200 m²
Open warehouse for large goods (e.g.: cable drums): ca. 9500 m²


Highbay-warehouse aisles
Highbay-warehouse aisles

The goods unloaded from the loading dock are collected in a 350 m² large goods-receiving area.

The stock is stored into the WMS (SAP R3) using stationary terminals. Any improperly labelled articles receive new labels so that a uniform labelling system in the warehouse is ensured. The master data of articles delivered for the first time is stored in the WMS.

The delivered stock is allocated by the WMS based on geometry (master data) and pick frequency. All storage locations are labelled using a standardised system in text and with barcodes so that warehouse-movement processing with mobile terminals (MT) is possible.

Palleted goods are sent for storage in the highbay warehouse via a loading ramp directly on the border of the goods-receiving area.

Pallets are transported in the highbay warehouse using VNA trucks and the WMS booking is carried out using mobile terminals.

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