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energie_ag_obersterreichEnergie AG is the leading infrastructure concern in Upper Austria and belongs to the top national energy providers. Energie AG supplies complete solutions for their clients through several associate companies and subsidiaries for electricity, gas, environment and telecommunications. As an energy provider, Energie AG uses 412,000 plants to supply electricity to almost a million people in around 380 municipalities as well as Upper Austria's renowned industries. Energie AG using renewable sources to generate electricity. Most of the electricity generation is from local hydropower. Energie AG also supports the usage of environmentally friendly and renewable energy from biomass, geothermics, wind power and photovoltaics.

The Situation

The Situation
Energie AG operates around 35 external warehouses to service their approximately 28,000 kilometer long high-tension and low-tension grids as well as their 37 power stations. These are permanently supplied with necessary materials from Gmunden. There are thus 4700 articles available. Around 15 construction sites per week are also supplied by the logistics centre of Energie AG. All articles were stored in several warehouses and buildings on several floors. The main challenge was to integrate existing and new warehouse areas in one location to flexibly store the most different articles. A new Warehouse Management System (WMS) had to be introduced to take care of this task. The SAP module LE-WM with connected mobile data collection was used as the WMS. The warehouse was planned in such a way that synergy and cost-reduction effects can be optimally used in connection with inventory management, personnel requirements, building and general costs. Energie AG decided in June 2001 to buld a new logistics centre on their existing site in Gmunden and thus combine all warehouses in a central location. Demolition work of old facilities and halls on the proposed site began in early 2002. The construction of the new logistics centre could begin in February 2002. The construction was concluded in November 2002 on time and within the budget so that warehouse operations could commence in December 2002.

The Solution

The Solution
The Solution

The heart of the logistics centre is a 60x30 m large column-free manipulation and pallet rack hall that has translucent double-walled sheets as the external walls. This architectural design element offers bright, friendly and well-lit workstations during the day. In the evening, the internal lighting shines out like a "mountain crystal". The exterior fronts with a length of 60 or 30 m have minimal glass openingsDie Außenfronten mit einer Länge von 60 bzw. 30 m haben nur minimal natural glass openings. They are otherwise a frameless, smooth and monolithic vision.


The inner space of the hall is additionally lit due to the continuous first skylights. The fire-protection equipment is also located there. This hall runs parallel to the newly constructed Theresienthalstrasse with a distance of 4 m. It creates a dominant, solitary effect through the light design.


A two-storey administrative building is located on the southern side. The administrative departments for the logistics centre and the staffrooms are located in the ground floor. The organisational administration management is located in the upper floor. The parking spaces for workers are located off the administrative building along with a large, technically necessary marshalling yard for trucks. The necessary loading and unloading areas were englosed in this project, i.e. the folding cargo gates and part of the roof are opened in summer to create a bearable environment protected from the sun in this manipulation zone. During winter and in case of frost, the manipulation zone is completly closed from the outside and thus creates a worker-friendly environment. The heights of these rooms and the brightness result in a future-oriented impression for the newly build logistics centre and thus help the motivation of the workers - this was the ultimate goal of the client during planning. All outdoor installations and the necessary manipulation areas are clearly structures, well-arranged and safe for traffic. The whole logistics centre described above is quite obviously integrated into the surroundings and creates the impression of a modern, contemporary architectural structure.

The Areas

The Areas
The Areas

The whole logistics centre is divided into several storage and functional areas: Around 2000 Euro pallets with different articles are stored in 7-meter high pallet racks with 5 aisles and 4 levels. The lowest storage compartments have 2-meter high shelves on the floor to stoor small parts. Storages and picks take place in the shelf area as well as on the first level of the pallet racks using electric order-picking trucks. Handling of the upper levels is accomplished by reach-mast trucks. Long articles are properly stored in a separate area in 5-meter high cantilever racks. A closed and heated area is used to store around 200 spools with diameters between 500 mm and 1600 mm in 5-meter high drum racks. Upto 600 different very small articles and valuable articles in 35 trays each are stored in two 7-meter high shuttle systems. Cable unwinding happens in a fully automatic, freely movable machine directly out of the pallet racks. Remaining stocks from larger drums with diameters up to 2800 mm can be unwound using an unwinding stand.

The middle part of the new logistics centre is freely usable for trucks. A ramp is built into the floor to accomodate deliveries and transport of goods. Goods collection and order-related provision of completed orders take place in several pallet racks. The 15,000 m² large open-storage areas are used to store material unaffected by weather as well as wooden masts and very large goods. The shed roof is used to store materials that are to be kept away from weather effects. Dangerous goods are stored on shelf pallets in a special warehouse 10 m away from the logistics centre.


The Organisation

The Organisation
The Organisation

The newly established module SAP R3, LE-WM flexibly managems all warehouse areas, controls the correct distribution of the goods to their storage locations and processes daily orgers. Through the direct connection of mobile terminals to the SAP SUB-Console, all storage, retrieval and picking tasts are processed by the workers. The terminals are used in the logistics centre as well as the open-storage space. The picking sequence is route-optimised for picking within an area and communicated to the worker via the mobile terminals. The transit and travel times during picking and in the pallet-rack area is thus minimised. The picked articles are stored in a pallet rack specific to their orders. Orders picked in different areas are consolidated in the dispatch area, completed with a packing list and loaded into the trucks using the loading ramp in the logistics center. Environmentally friendly heat pumps for heating: Heating using heat pumps has proven to be the most economical heating system. The installed heating performance of 178 kW results from both heat pumps, each with 54 kW, and from the instaneous water heater with 70 kW performance.

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