stahlgruberThe Munich-based company STAHLGRUBER makes an annual turnover of over 1.3 billion Euros through around 6,500 employees (2014).

The Concept

Tote buffer
Tote buffer
Major logistician of the automotive branch

As a major logistician in the automotive branch, STAHLGRUBER has an extensive sales programme that provides clients with over 160,000 listed articles from the areas "Everything for cars and workshops", "Quality tools" and "Workshop installation". A catalogue system with more than 20,000 pages, even in digital media, modern PC information systems as well as competent professional consultants and sales representatives take care to make information flow easy.

An optimal material management is ensured by the logistics centre with modern technology in Sulzbach-Rosenberg. It has a daily picking capacity of over 30,000 positions and a delivery readiness of 95%. The realisation of this logistics centre in two levels and an investment volume of around 41 million Euros made this the largest ever project for STAHLGRUBER.

The second level began operations on 8th May, 2000 - on time and within budget.

Over 100,000 industrial clients are offered a 24-hour service. If an article is not available in a sales outlet, it is delivered overnight on the next morning.

A tote concept integrates all involved parties into the loop supplier - DC - sales outlet.

A Warehouse Management system optimised and developed further by STAHLGRUBER controls and coordinates article movements in the DC and takes over communication with the IT centre in Munich via a dedicated line.


Die Lösung

The whole warehouse is divided into six main areas:
Small parts are stored in a manual, three-level shelf-storage facility. These levels are connected via an efficient, IT-controlled tote conveyor system. The highbay warehouse has a total of 18 aisles that are divided into four areas due to implemented technology and article specifications.

Large articles are stored in pallet racks with 15-meter high and approximately 120-meter long aisles. These 5 aisles are fully automatic and use the concept of goods-to-man. Retrievals are on the ground floor at six workstations and storage takes place fully automatically in the upper floor.

The new fully automatic, rack-supported highbay warehouse functions in the same way. The warehouse has a capacity of 12,580 Euro pallets. The stacker cranes have double load-suspension devices and can reach a performance of 50 double cycles per hour per crane in the 100-meter long and 26-meter high aisles. Storage of articles as well disposal of empty pallets is fully automatic through the connecting pallet-conveyor system.

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