Über IWL

Philosophy: We optimise processes

Our target group comprises of companies that have high expectations of their processes being fulfilled in order to supply their clients. Over 50% of our projects are through recommendations by existing or former clients.

Our portfolio includes advanced services. We concentrate our potential and energy into developing and perfecting sophisticated logistics processes and their implementation in buildings, technology and organisation.

We create added value by doing what we can perfectly. For everything else, we work with partners who are specialists in their fields. We have invested in our tools, the standardisation of internal processes, quality management and training of our employees; this know-how at IWL is available for every employee.

We network with partners around the world to support our clients internationally.

We have fun doing excellent work!


Consultation Principles of IWL AG

Our clients are our employers and are the focus of our interests.

We want to offer clients solutions for today and tomorrow, i.e. the largest possible benefit. They don't come to us and talk about their wishes; we must approach them to recognise and realise their goals.

Our clients' companies are living systems and work based on their own principles. We as well as the employees of our clients can only deal with parts of the company. Our hypotheses are, in some way, speculations.

Our client is the expert in his company! We muss understand and accept his values.

Every company has sensitive areas for which we can give impulses; the company finally does what it chooses. We can only change those processes of our client that are determined to be problematic or disturbing by them - not by us. 
We can only indicate any contradictions in the goals defined by our client concerning processes that have to be retained or changed. Only the client can decide whether to keep or change them.

The basis of every change is to keep the positive aspects of the current status and avoid the negative aspects of the target status. The client decides about positives and negatives, not we!

Only a solution that is realistic for our client is a good one.

The goal of our work is to support our client's success. We must also encourage the personal responsibility of our client's employees. A clearly recognisable boundary must therefore exist between our client's employees and us.


Teamwork Mission

Our clients receive the most attention through personal, written and telephonic contact. Their collaboration with us should be a positive experience so that they come to us again for their next project. Our clients don't interrupt our work, they are the core of our work. Our clients are people with individual strengths, weaknesses, preferences and aversions - just like us! To do our work with the best-possible success, we are performance-oriented, market-oriented and people-oriented. We thus aim for top-rate performance with our style in order to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We have the highest esteem for our clients and employees and show it. Every employee represents IWL and its values. The basis of our teamwork is mutual trust. If there are any problems in collaboration or errors in the work, we communicate them openly without sweeping anything under the table. We represent each other internally and share the responsibility. A colleague on vacation or who is sick should not find mountains of work and incomplete tasks waiting for him when he returns.