Über IWL

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Since 1985 we plan and implement projects in the field of intralogistics – from the first study to a complete new building. Our experience makes us a reliable partner.


Besides we are offering a huge variety of events to keep you updated. We would love to welcome you.

  • Workshops
  • IWL on site...: insight into our most spectacular projects
  • IWL Logistiktage with loads of intralogistics related presentations and well-known industry figures
  • Permanent consultation process
  • Studies
  • Research projects



Rely on an experienced partner and achieve a competitive advantage through optimized structures. We are experts in the field of logistics and have a broad know-how from over 30 years experience and more than 500 projects.

Customer Satisfaction


To provide you with a maximum of benefits, each solution is tailored to your needs and requirements. Your satisfaction is our concern. Longterm customer satisfaction as well as a trusting relationship are our top priorities.  

A solution is only good, if it fits your requirements and offers you a longterm competitive advantage. 


A good consultancy can be recognized by the quality of its work. We develop well thought concepts and have a high standard for our work. The quality of our project execution is one of our top priorities and carried out by our management.  


One contact for all questions: We are a holistic consultancy regarding the topics: logistics, production and administration. 

  • Logistics IT
  • Ergonomics
  • Technology
  • Building
  • Processes
  • Strategy
  • Organization


A variety of different solutions were offered by suppliers with different advantages. We keep track for you.

Since we are not binded to a software- or technical supplier, bank or general contractor, we look at the market holistically and find exactly the solution which fits best. 

We can also ensure, that new trends and the latest findings are taken into account - whether you need a new warehouse, optimize your processes, introduce a new warehouse management software or validate some ideas. 


Your area of operation does not stop at a country frontier? We increase your productivity across borders. 

Internationally, we are part of the corporate group The Supply Chain Group AG which operates with offices in the USA (Atlanta), Italy (Milan), United Kingdom (Manchester), India (Mumbai) and Poland (Warsaw).


We are qualified and experienced. Our employees are up to date regarding the requirements of your sector and know the current regulations.

With our concepts you can deliever your final customer faster and wherefore increase the customer satisfaction. 

To find a suitable solution, we examine the processes at your site, analyze data as well as soft facts.

Industry Experience

Every industry has its specific requirements. We have a large know-how in logistics-intensive industries and work for pharmaceutical and manufacturing companys, in the retail, media, food and spare parts sector, the automotive and fashion industries as well as logistics service providers. 


Everyone can promise heaven and earth. As a serious consultant, we have pragmatic approaches for our projects. We have an overview of what is feasible and what makes sense. Benefit from our experience and don´t spend more than needed. 

Cost Efficiency

Our solutions provide not only cost advantages through streamlined processes, reduced routes and stocks and a more efficient workforce, we are also having cost-effective approaches. Maximise your business success and keep within budget. 


Your Benefit:

The logistics is often neglected in the value chain, and dismissed as a cost factor.

However, logistics processes play a very crucial role to your business success. We help you to utilize your full potential:


Cost potentials 


Faster delivery 
to final customer 


Error reduction


Competitive advantage 
through optimized  











Support staffing 




Technical and 


Current trends
and developments