IWL supported our client as a general planner and representative in planning and monitoring the implementation of its new media centre KNV Logistik.

The leading media wholesaler Koch, Neff & Volckmar GmbH (KNV) supplies daily over 7,000 booksellers in more than 2,200 locations in Germany, Austria, South Tyrol and Switzerland overnight, with an extensive range of books, e-books, DVDs, games, and other items. Moreover, KNV is a key partner for e-commerce bookstores. 

The subsidiary Koch, Neff & Oetinger Verlagsauslieferung GmbH (KNO VA) offers full-service for over 300 publishers and supplies the market with more than 130,000 articles worldwide. 



The Concept

In the past, the companies operated a warehouse for wholesale and one for the publisher distribution at their company site in Stuttgart as well as another wholesale warehouse in Cologne. 

For the optimization of inventory management, an expanding range of items, to meet the demands of the market and to be well prepared for future challenges, KNV and KNO VA decided to centralize the logistics site into a new media logistics site, which was taken into operation in October 2014.

After strategic analysis, Erfurt was chosen as the new central location. The site, located in the middle of Germany, guarantees good access to all delivery areas. The direct access to the A71 and the easy access to the A4 ensures a convenient transport connection. 


KNV Logistik

With a building volume of 1,290,000 m³ and a covered area of 175,000 m², the new central warehouse is the largest media logistics centre in Europe. 

The solution

The complex consists of three separate parts: a supply depot for pallets, a central logistics centre with four different picking zones for article- and frequency-oriented processes as well as a connected freight centre with two sorters for the sorting of the packages to over 400 destinations. The individual building complexes are connected via bridges. 


temp Logistikzentrum mit FuN 2



The three parts of the building are modular and extensible set up to respond flexibly to changing item- and order-structures. Depending on the movement rate, the product is stored and picked in the high-bay warehouse, the two automated miniload storage or shelving warehouse. 

In addition, a print-on-demand center is integrated, in which books are printed on demand and applied to a current order. 

KNV Logistik is designed for over one million articles. 



KNV Logistik: A logistics center is built

Planning Phase 

The IWL AG was involved in strategy development, location and property search as a consultant. Based on the individual requirements, the logistics concept was developed and the individual logistics trades were tendered. 



  • Phase I:  strategy development, data analysis, distribution channels
  • Phase II:  different alternatives of the logistics concept, verification of the data base
  • site selection, site analysis, planning of development, discussions with authorities
  • Phase III: Detailed planning, tendering and contracting of the integration of supply depots and freight center
  • Phase IV: Realisation: Engineering / assembly / commissioning / test, training of logistics technology and IT systems

Project Videos

Part 1: Implementation Phase - The Construction Site

KNV Logistik


In January 2013, the ground-breaking ceremony took place in Erfurt. The following video documents the hanging of the stacker cranes. 


Part 2: Implementation Phase - Assembly

Over 21 km of conveyor systems have been installed in the logistics centre. The supply depot is connected to the logistics centre with a susequent rack-supported storage system with a total height of 36 meters and two automated miniload warehouses. The logistics center is divided into further warehouse areas.


Part 3: Implementation Phase - Tests 

Since the end of 2013, tests were conducted throughout the whole facility. The tests were extended from individual areas to the entire system, to prepare the system for the intended use. 

We supported our cusomters KNV and KNO VA on site by monitoring the installation progress and the commissioning of the technical deliverables as well as the test case creation, the coordination and the execution of the test cases. 

Teil 4: Implementation Phase - The Functionality / Performance IWL AG

The IWL AG was entrusted with client representation and project management during the entire implementation. In addition, IWL is supporting KNV during the Go-Live in the field of optimization and adjustment. 

The Go-Live

On October 1, 2014, the media logistics center was put into operation. 
We wish KNV Logistik a lot of success in their new site and thank you for the constructive collaboration so far.


The Benefit

  • Extension for growth of delivery volume and number of items > 1 million
  • Significant savings through centralization of three logistics sites and thus reduction of multiple functions, inventory and areas
  • Considerable increase of more efficient technology
  • Better integration of the logistics of book wholesaler, media distribution and other logistic services.  
  • Optimal central location in the middle of Germany
  • Optimal accessibility to all delivery areas